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Student participation in clubs helps to build student confidence and provides a sense of accomplishment! Clubs not only offer students additional learning opportunities, they foster creative thinking, develop communication skills, promote an opportunity to work effectively with others, and build friendships outside of inner circles!  We strongly encourage students to get involved in an area that most interests them.  We have several clubs to choose from.

Student Council - A group of 4th & 5th graders selected by teachers to represent their peers and participate in leadership activities that include planning and organizing service projects.  The purpose of Student Council is to train students in the duties and responsibilities of good citizenship.

Manners Club - A 6 week opportunity for 3rd grade students to learn and demonstrate basic etiquette and social skills.  At the end of the program, students will attend a school chaperoned dinner to practice all they have learned.

Math Bowl - An academic team of 4th & 5th grade mathletes designed to stretch students' math skills. Practices include math games and challenging math problems.

Chess Club - A social, informational, instructional, and competitive meeting place where 3rd-5th grade students come together through chess.  Lessons range from basic rules to tournament strategies.  Beginners and advanced students are encouraged to participate!

Multilingual Club - A supportive club designed for Kindergarten through 5th grade multilingual learners to practice and improve their spoken language skills.

Running Club - Designed to keep 3rd-5th graders active through stretching, running, and games.  

Musical Production - 5th grade students may audition for the musical production held in the Spring.  

Contact the office with any questions!