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From the Principal

Welcome to Monrovia Elementary!

Monrovia Elementary School is a Pre-K through Fifth grade elementary school.  We are a large elementary with a “hometown” feel.  Our number one goal is to create a safe learning environment where your child will receive the nurturing support needed to become a successful independent learner.

We instill the philosophy of Bulldog Grit. We always: 
Give our all
Re-do if necessary
Ignore giving up
Take time to do it right

We have an amazing staff that is invested in providing quality instruction for each and every child.  We have an incredible specials schedule in which every child will participate in Music, Art, Library, P.E. and Project Lead the Way once a week.  

Our preschool is a Developmental Preschool that is designed to meet the needs of our pre-k students with developmental delays.  Students are screened (by appt. only) at 3yrs of age to see if there is a need for additional support through our Developmental Preschool. We have been able to open up spots for paying preschool students without developmental delays as space has allowed.

Our primary grades (K-2) have a structured Literacy Block focusing on phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension to support the science of reading. Our math program is very hands-on and creates the foundations for number sense. Our Kg., 1st, and 2nd-grade teachers work together to align the curriculum and to prepare our primary students for the intermediate grades. 

Our intermediate grades 3rd-5th is structured in a Cluster Model.  Our teachers have become experts in their subject area.  Our 3rd grade teaches Reading, 4th grade teaches Writing, and our 5th-grade teachers teach Math.  Each team rotates its 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade classes throughout the day.  This allows for our clusters to create a three-year experience with their cluster teachers.  Teachers are able to grow our students from the beginning of third grade until they leave our elementary school at the end of 5th grade.  

We encourage parents to be a part of our support team for their children. Students are more successful when they know there is a strong bond between school and home.  

Melissa York

Mrs. Melissa York, Principal
Monrovia Elementary School
Phone: 317-996-2246 ext. 4002